Balsamic Vinegar Health Benefits

Man pouring balsamic on pizza

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The best balsamic vinegar originates from Italy, more specifically from Modena. This vinegar is aromatic with a thick rich flavour and velvety dark colour. Balsamics are made from the reduction of cooked grapes (grape must) then fermented in various wooden barrels (much like wine but not made from wine) and the longer its aged the more intense in flavour and thicker it becomes.

But there's more, Balsamic Vinegar has a lot to offer in just a small amount.


These help boost the immune system and can even improve your complexion over time. These antioxidants contained Balsamic Vinegars help prevent chronic illnesses caused by free radicals. These free radicals damage cell membranes, cause premature aging, hardening of the arterial walls and cancer. These antioxidants help to destroy these free radicals and protect the cells from destruction.

Reduces the risk of Heart Attacks

Polyphenols found in Balsamic Vinegar stop the oxidation of LDL Cholesterol which blocks arteries, causes clogging and hardening. Balsamics are low in saturated fat and low in sodium which enhances heart health and lowers blood pressure.

Controls Diabetes and Stabilizes Blood Glucose

Balsamic Vinegar is low on the glycemic index and research shows that it allows you to feel full for a longer period of time. Studies also show that consuming 3 to 5 teaspoons per day can enhance insulin sensitivity so the greater the sensitivity the greater the diabetes control.

Natural Pain Reliever

In ancient times healers used Balsamic vinegar to relieve body pain in people. The antibacterial and anti-viral properties in the vinegar healed wounds and infections.

Improves Digestion

Due to the polyphenols found in Balsamic Vinegar stimulate pepsin enzyme activity in the body which helps break proteins down into smaller units (amino acids) and this helps the intestine in absorbing the amino acids. The greater the absorption of these amino acids helps the body to utilize it in cell building and repair and other body maintenance. It can also aid in weight loss by feeling fuller longer.

Other Benefits

Balsamic Vinegar has shown to reduce the frequency of headaches, strengthen bones (calcium absorption), slows the aging process and prevents anemia.

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